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Great ideas need great data storage solutions

Whether you are a datacentre infrastructure manager, an architect or a travel blogger, everything is possible - with the right tools.


For business systems, failure just isn’t an option – so when your customers have mission-critical applications you need storage solutions that meet their needs.


How HDDs can compete against SSDs

Take a look at the Toshiba ‘Lab talk’ session where Rainer W. Kaese (Senior Manager Business Development Storage Products) demonstrates how HDDs are able to compete on price and performance against SSDs for larger raid configurations.

Enterprise Hard Drives
Designed for your business

Can a 100% HDD-based solution meet the requirements of tasks such as “Storage for Virtualisation“ and “Email Serving“? Toshiba Electronics Europe (TEE) compares Enterprise Capacity HDD and SSD based solutions to build 50TB to 100TB storage.

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