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 The authority on software-defined storage

DataCore is the world leader in the provision of the most comprehensive and established software-defined storage platform that the world has ever seen. Version 10 of SANsymphony-V spans, scales and reconciles virtual SANs, converged systems, flash technology and networked storage. Partners recommend this as a comprehensive storage services platform that optimises and automates the use of flash and existing storage technology across virtual (server-side) SANs, SAN arrays and cloud storage and is currently running in over 10,000 customer sites.


Software for the modern, high-performing, always-on datacentre. Maximise IT infrastructure performance, availability, and utilisation

Virtual SAN

High-performance, highly available and cost-effective hyper-converged infrastructure with your cluster of virtualised hosts


Go hyperconverged with less — with our
enterprise-class scalable solution — and
get the lowest TCO in the market today.

x5 performance increase in over 10,000 deployments

Accelerated performance. Reduced cost & risk. Avoid rip-and-replace.






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