Uninterruptible Power Supply.

Eaton UPSs are designed to deliver high quality backup power from desktop PCs, to large datacentres.
To help you find the right solution, Eaton provides backup power offerings in three categories:

Eaton helps protect critical equipment by providing uninterruptible power, backup power systems and power management through both stand alone and rack-based UPS. Eaton delivers clean and efficient backup power for medium and large datacentres and critical IT systems.

Networks, servers and storage systems are the central nerve centre for business today and it is critical that they are protected by a UPS. Eaton offers Network UPS, Server UPS and Storage UPS solutions that protect your vital IT equipment and data.

Having a UPS for your computer or office equipment that is affordable and reliable is important for protecting your data and files. Eaton offers levels of power protection and battery backup with ultimate reliability at affordable prices.


What is a UPS?

A UPS is a power protection system to provide clean, stable power to critical application equipment during power disturbances and power failure.

What will a UPS do?

Power disturbances and blackouts can be costly. Preserving information, keeping critical equpiment available, performing reliably and getting results on time are all key elements in any successful operation. 

Who needs a UPS?

All business operations use some form of equipment that relies heavily on electric power, and therefore should have a power protection strategy in place.