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PRIMEFLEX is a pre-defined, integrated and tested combination of servers, storage, network connectivity and software. FUJITSU’s PRIMEFLEX integrated system family includes both, classical converged and hyper-converged systems. It comprises ready-to-run factory-installed solutions and reference architectures which are easily adjusted to customer-specific requirements. Along with its reference architectures, Fujitsu makes detailed configuration and installation descriptions available as a standard. Optional deployment and integration services ensure a smooth integration into the on-site environment. To ensure simplified operation and maintenance, Fujitsu provides support at solution level, and further datacentre services including managed and hosting services.


Makes your infrastructure faster, simpler and more efficient.


Less time and labor cost to deploy infrastructures

Less datacentre infrastructure costs

Less datacentre operations time and labor costs


Virtulisation and Cloud

Today’s IT infrastructures must be ultra-agile to meet fast-changing business challenges and opportunities. What’s needed is a new and sustainable approach, with efficient and flexible software-defined infrastructures that span across servers, storage and network environments. No matter what approach you would like to introduce in the datacentre, whether based on a converged or hyper-converged infrastructure foundation, Fujitsu provides a broad range of integrated systems including everything needed to deploy and run powerful consolidation, virtualisation and cloud platforms.

Take advantage of the FUITSU Integrated System PRIMEFLEX portfolio for virtualisation and cloud to transform IT infrastructures faster, reduce costs and increase service quality – without concerns over risk.

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Big Data Analytics

The technologies accelerating AI, most specifically Deep Learning use cases and workloads today are using GPUs, High Performance Computing architectures and Big Data Analytics.

Whether it is autonomous driving, personalised services, imaging analytics, predictive maintenance or usage of sensor data - all these data and/or compute-intensive workloads require fast, secure, reliable and scalable infrastructure. This would include hardware, software frameworks and services which can be either adapted to existing HPC or Big Data infrastructure or start afresh.

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Empower your business and accelerate value through a Fujitsu and NetApp converged infrastructure that delivers a simplified experience, exceptional capabilities with complete confidence. 

NFLEX delivers a simplified experience, saving time and cost by purchasing from a single SKU, seeing faster time to value with a solution that works Day 1, and increasing uptime and productivity with a single point of contact for support.

Exceptional capabilities help gain datacentre efficiencies to deliver higher value IT services at a lower cost, accelerate workloads to deliver services faster while reducing power consumption and energy costs.

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Hybrid IT

Fujitsu's software enterprise service catalog manager provides a self-service portal for enterprises and service providers to automate the delivery of software services, infrastructure services, or platform services for employees and customers. 

By using Fujitsu enterprise service catalog manager, companies can raise IT operational efficiency and enhance the convenience of hybrid cloud services.

Nutanix Enterprise Cloud

Nutanix Enterprise Cloud on PRIMERGY is a multi-cloud, multi-hypervisor appliance that includes all the hardware and software required to simplify procurement and deployment by using hyper-converged building blocks. It leverages high performance, energy-efficient FUJITSU PRIMERGY standard x86 servers and the software-defined compute, virtualisation and storage technology in the Nutanix Acropolis Cloud OS, Prism management and Calm orchestration. All of which is backed by a single support contract for the whole solution stack to reduce time to resolution. The result is reduced complexity and vastly superior TCO from this multi-cloud infrastructure environment.

Move to a more adaptable IT

As enterprises move to digital business processes spanning multiple clouds, datacentre operations are challenged to provide a responsive IT infrastructure that satisfies the increasing demand for better service levels. Nutanix Enterprise Cloud on PRIMERGY delivers the speed, flexibility, reliability and scalability across multiple clouds necessary to deploy a more adaptable IT that‘s aligned to future business needs.

Scale your environment to an endless number of systems and unlimited storage. To scale out, simply add more system nodes. Nutanix Enterprise Cloud on PRIMERGY will automatically onboard new nodes and begin using them.

Unique innovations offer better space and performance trade-offs than classic RAID configurations. Erasure coding and advanced compression deliver up to 4x greater storage efficiency.

Nutanix Enterprise Cloud on PRIMERGY provides support for industry-leading hypervisors, including the built-in Nutanix AHV hypervisor in combination with high speed flash disk devices and high-throughput, low-latency networking technology. You can therefore set up a high-performance, responsive virtual IT infrastructure that provides consistent IOPS with sub-millisecond response times. In all-flash or hybrid disk configurations, Nutanix Enterprise Cloud on PRIMERGY easily exceeds 250,000 IOPS.

Built-in resiliency handles drive, server, or component failures – delivering continuous availability. If hardware fails, just swap it out; the software heals itself, with no complicated management steps.

Once you have the systems mounted and cabled in a rack, the Linux or Windows operating system installed, and networking configured, you’re looking at under 15 minutes to get the cluster configured.

With over 30 years’ experience managing datacentres Fujitsu can provide professional services to help architect the whole infrastructure to suit your needs.


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