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Empowering Service Providers

For regional UK service providers it’s a challenging but  exciting time. More and more businesses are adopting a ‘Cloud First’ IT strategy which means increased demand, but equally more global players are entering regional markets and new competitors are starting to appear from places previously unseen.

Service provider research

Fujitsu commissioned independent technology research specialists Vanson Bourne to look at exactly how senior IT decision makers plan to integrate regional service providers into their IT strategies and what they expect from partners today and in the future. The research also explores their infrastructure, application and digital requirements today and how they will evolve over the next five years, as well as opportunities for differentiation against global players.

The proportion of IT estates managed by a service provider are set to double over the next five years – and the service providers who will benefit from this growth are the ones who can help their customers with this challenge, by moving themselves from not just service providers, but instead to service integrators. These organisations will be able to call on and leverage an ecosystem of micro‑alliances to integrate both their own services and third parties together, delivering differentiated and individual customer business outcomes and becoming integral to their customers’ digital transformation journey.

The strategic view from the end customer

Not one service provider can deliver everything an organisation needs. Around eight in ten respondents say that their organisation must work with a combination of both regional service providers and global systems integrators (83%) and/or use a combination of cloud offerings (hyper-scaler and local service provider) (80%) for their organisation and be successful.  

But at the same time, around nine in ten (87%) would rather limit the number of partners that their organisation has, having fewer, more strategic ones instead.

So what's the answer?

IT managed by a service provider set to almost double in next five years. For many, regional service providers may be the answer to this challenge. On average, 29.69% of IT estates in respondents’ organisations are supported by a regional service provider currently – this is set to rise to 54.70% in five years’ time.

% supported by a service provider today


% supported by a service provider in three years time


% supported by a service provider in five years


Differentiating your offerings and positioning against hyper-scalers

There is clear demand for a balance between hyper-scale cloud and service providers’ own
cloud offerings 80% of respondents stated that they need to use a combination of offerings
from both hyper-scale providers (e.g. Microsoft, Amazon) and local service providers. It is
also fairly evident that there are different requirements which lead a customer to choose
one over the other.

5 ways to differentiate your cloud services

74% of respondents would be willing to consume a hyper-scale service from a service provider’s private data centre (e.g. Microsoft Azure Stack), the service provider who can provide both hyper-scale and their own (and integrate in the background) is in a very advantageous position to give their customer the best of both.

85% of respondents would value being able to instantly provision services via an app-store, and 73% would value their business users to be able to do this as well. A service provider who could provide this level of self-service may well be able to combat the 37% of respondents who perceive hyper-scale offerings as easier to use.

81% of respondents indicated that speed of deployment of services (including private cloud) is a critical factor in choosing service provider partners. Service providers who are able to work closely with vendor partners (especially on infrastructure) to build innovative sourcing and commercial agreements will be well positioned to offer this speed to their customers.

79% of respondents would be more likely to choose a service provider who is vendor accredited to service and maintain the underlying infrastructure platform. A service provider able to hold spare parts and service on a vendor’s behalf could use this to offer an increased SLA and peace of mind to their customers to compete against the ‘safe bet’ of the hyper‑scale providers.

59% of respondents agreed that when buying a cloud service hypervisor, choice isn’t important to them. This indicates that service providers need not necessarily invest substantially in working with one of the biggest names for their cloud service; provided they can present a solution that works effectively, they could look to leverage alternatives such as OpenStack or Nutanix.

0% Financing for Service Providers

Refreshing or adding to your cloud or hosted platforms, benefit from 0% finance on all Fujitsu datacentre infrastructure.

0% interest on cloud servers

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Empowering Service Providers - 

Growth, with the risk taken out.

Fujitsu uSCALE is focused on helping service provider’s balance their risk and cost - better aligning supply to demand. We are offering two different, cloud-like sourcing models to accommodate different risk-profile options, based on 'growth' and 'de-risking' scenarios.
Our approaches are underpinned by our unique end-to-end supply chain, and based on the understanding that service providers need infrastructure in place to be able to respond quickly to market shifts and give customers click-to-provision flexibility.

Two approaches that give service providers cloud flexibility without the up-front investment 

De-risking scenario

Service providers can de-risk their investment by moving to a flexible renting model, with the option to return equipment prematurely in the event that business does not grow as anticipated or the required customer technology changes.

Growth scenario

Alternatively, we offer a buffer model, which provides extra installed capacity at your fingertips but only paying for what is actually used from the buffer. 

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Fujitsu’s UK Service Provider Programme

Fujitsu’s Service Provider Programme aims to help our partners grow by sharing expertise, and sharing risk.  We mitigate risk by providing our partners commercial choice, we call it cloud sourcing. It enables you to fully scale your onsite infrastructure in line with your cash flow, helping you deal with rapid growth as well as scaling down when you need to. You also get choice with every service, deciding what you deliver yourself and where you utilise our partner-ready service offerings or another Fujitsu ecosystem partner. 

Becoming a service integrator requires knowledge, and our partners have access to our global expertise and innovation and worldwide ecosystem. We leverage our combined knowledge to co-create better solutions, together. 

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