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Storage made simple

OSNEXUS QuantaStor Software Defined Storage (SDS) platform turns servers into multi-protocol (SAN/NAS/Object) scale-out storage appliances. QuantaStor SDS addresses a broad spectrum of use cases including server virtualisation, big data, cloud computing, high performance computing, and large scale archive.


Capacity and performance for a variety of workloads

Capacity and performance for a variety of workloads


Unify, Simplify, Automate

Defined Storage

QuantaStor Software-Defined Storage (SDS) turns servers into a multi-protocol, multi-site storage grid.

Storage Grid

Manage all storage resources as one unit by linking up to 64 appliances together within and across datacentres.

File, Block
& Object Storage

QuantaStor delivers scale-out file, block and object storage using the latest in enterprise open storage technologies.

Unify unstructured data with scalable grid technology

Exertis Hammer is excited to bring you a multi-vendor, Software Defined Whitepaper from Western Digital and OSNexus, focusing on dense and scalable data solutions.

Western Digital and OSNexus balance storage efficiency at scale with the need to access data quickly, enabling the acceleration of business activities, processes, and competencies. Alongside Exertis Hammer’s value-add ethos, market knowledge and pre- and post-sales support, you can be sure we will go the extra mile to give your business the tools you need to succeed.