Networks are the heart of modern ultra-scale computing environments. For a variety of industries such as Cloud Service Providers (CSPs), Cloud Deliver Networks (CDNs), Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and telecom companies; network performance, scalability, and efficiency drive their success or failure. Solarflare’s XtremeScale architecture is there to provide the ultra-scalability, low latency, and software-defined capabilities your customers need for their solutions.

Content Delivery Networks

Volumeric DDoS attacks impact CDN availability. Solarflare’s XtremeScale Ethernet NICs provide CDN with resilience against DDoS attacks, and offer your customers with high-availability infrastructure to deliver content to their users. Critical for this role is high performance delivery of small packets in a manner that is energy and CPU efficient. Also critical is the ability to mitigate distributed denial of service (DDOS) attacks, since CDNs are second only to financial services as an attack magnet. With Solarflare XtremeScale adapters you can provide your customers with the tools that CDNs need to deliver packets fast, efficiently and under all conditions.

Containerised Datacentres

Network bottlenecks impact container scalability. Solarflare’s XtremeScale adapters and software allow you to scale containers to meet your customers' needs. Containers are the latest technology to increase application density and performance in datacentres. Mainstream network adapters impact application performance through context switches, buffer copies/interrupts, and inefficient TCP/IP stacks. Solarflare’s XtremeScale architecture frees customer container-based applications from these limitations. With the most VFs per server, ability to execute in Kernel Mode or User Mode based on application needs, and latency under 2usec with a standard TCP stack, Solarflare is unmatched for containers.

Scale Out Flash Storage

Scale Out Flash Storage (SOFS) is the concept of presenting flash storage from hundreds or thousands of industry-standard servers as a single storage image or namespace. Also known as disaggregated flash storage, SOFS has been adopted by hyperscale cloud providers, enterprises, and service providers as a way of getting the best of both local flash storage performance, and “centralised” storage management. With the advent of new technologies such as Non-Volatile Memory Express® (NVMe) over Fabric (NVMe-oFTM), SOFS now has the potential of achieving the low latencies of local flash storage. Solarflare XtremeScale adapters help SOFS realise this performance, without the hassles of RDMA.

Web Services

All XtremeScale server NICs from Solarflare now include ScaleOut Onload. While kernel-based drivers (and their context switches and buffer copies) inhibit web server performance, Solarflare’s ScaleOut Onload provides the maximum performance. Testing with NGINX, the most popular web server software on the planet, demonstrates that Solarflare’s ScaleOut Onload increased page hosting performance by 120%. The kernel bypass architecture of Solarflare’s ScaleOut Onload technology significantly reduces data copies, eliminates host CPU context switches, and intelligently steers traffic to cores servicing page requests, all while dramatically improving communications socket re-use.

Secure Servers

Servers inside the datacentre are becoming more vulnerable to internal attacks with three quarters of all internet traffic now within the datacentre. Applications create a volume of traffic which is astronomical and growing exponentially. Ultra-scale datacentres are a rich and crowded space which is difficult to protect and make an attractive target for devious and persistent attackers. Solarflare addresses this problem with the industry’s first Software Defined NIC with built-in hardware firewalling, and software orchestration of security policies for the network. SolarSecure discovers every application data flow within your network and enforces security policies that enable valid business transactions, whilst shutting down malicious attacks.

Network Monitoring and Analytics

Without your customers having complete visibility of the data flowing into, across and out of their network, it is impossible to identify and resolve network issues, let alone proactively improve performance, whether for SLAs or for compliance and regulatory requirements. Network performance management becomes increasingly difficult, expensive and unable to keep up with the required data rates. The Solarflare family of high performance packet capture, instrumentation and analytics products consist of a range of hardware appliances for ultimate flexibility and ease of deployment, and industry-specific customisable analytics-based software applications to provide the metrics and intelligence the customer needs. With the SolarCapture appliances, your customers can transform raw packet and flow data into actionable, verifiable, long-term business intelligence.