The ultimate software solution for heterogeneous storage management.

Remove complexity 

Reduce cost

Enforce data protection

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StrongLink is the ultimate software solution for heterogeneous storage management with advanced technologies to enable intelligent data management across local, network and cloud storage. 

Static storage mounts

Free trapped data

Without StrongLink data is trapped in storage silos. Increasing complexity for IT managers and risk to business continuity, while increasing storage costs.

StrongLink solution

Take control

By creating a unified view across local, network and cloud storage types; StrongLink simplifies data management and collaboration across any environment.

Get the most out of Isilon with StrongLink

StrongLink provides Isilon users the flexibility to seamlessly connect across different vendor platforms and file protocols. 

Make globally managing files easy

Take control of your data with StrongLink's powerful architecture 


No capacity based licensing. 
Price is based on the number of cores Stronglink software is running on


Helping meet any budget with a powerful return on investment

StrongLink data management


Licensing, support or maintenance are all included in one package

Intelligent data management

Only StrongLink brings a new level of intelligence, simplicity, and control to data management

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