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Syneto | Simplify. Accelerate. Protect

Transforming the way organisations of all sizes manage their IT infrastructures and helping them achieve their most important objectives: remove complexity, lower costs and increase agility for faster resource deployment. Highly usable data technologies enable the creation of hyperconverged as well as software-defined storage infrastructures. Powerful analytics capabilities help organisations make informed, effective data-driven decisions and deploy revenue-generating applications quickly, easily and with confidence.


Discover the Syneto HYPERseries and see how it can simplify accelerate and protect IT systems.


Discover why Syneto is the next generation of hyperconverged infrastructure.


Discover why hyperconverged infrastructures are the future of enterprise IT systems.

Hyperconverged data management


HYPERSeries delivers virtualisation, built-in native backups, instant restore and predictable disaster recovery in a simple, fast and secure turn-key hyperconverged appliance

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